Attitude vs Passion?

Does restrictions limit you passion? Does obstacles limit your creativity? Does that make you think if there remained a passion at all?

We face these questions battling within ourselves when we face challenges to unleash our true potential. For most Creative people are not severed from such challenges.

And so here are 10 attitudes,worth wearing to face such challenges:

  1. Follow your passion by taking small steps at a time. Little by little helps you to enjoy the process!
  2.  Never belittle your works in front of others expecting them to counterclaim it with praises or thinking it makes you appear more humble.Wrong idea perhaps. When you respect, others do!
  3. If you are excited about your passion, then you should be willing to explore its possibilities without fearing risks. Let risks fear you!
  4. Never allow other’s limitations to dominate your creativity. For you never know which seed sows!
  5. Brag about it only after you have implemented. Some poisonous words can dissolve your passion especially if you do not have a clarified thinking about its dimensions.
  6.  For every passion initially does not seem to be worthwhile in terms of generating money. But when you take it in your hands, you might uncover those possibilities.
  7. So hang around with people who spell positive words!
  8. Always be in touch with the new advancements related to your passion. When you are updated, your creativity attunes accordingly!
  9. See every challenge, as an intermediate to refine your passion. It fills you with more energy. Appreciation and recognition will come at due time. Instant fame might collapse you!
  10. Treat your passion as your love. Feed it, nurture it, and maintain it. Let your attitude inspire others!

So wearing attitude does not mean to be asocial. It just means you need to wear your attitude to respect yourself more!  Wearing attitude is also not becoming self centered, it only means that, when you care yourself the need to help others reach their dreams becomes truly easy!

So wear your attitude!






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