Colors change,shades change even the positions change because nature is not stagnant.So is life! Just as you keep clicking you witness its variations through the lens.The different phases witnessed in nature can be witnessed in life as well. For everybody says time will pass and it will heal. Many years summed from the day you wish to forget will be submerged under the TIME mama, they say. But is it really time that heals or is it you becoming able and matured to comprehend your perspectives from a wider angle? However it is, not one is exempt from the process of experiencing the different Phases of life.

As we grow up, we all are curious about the events and things around us. And so we keep pestering the ones around us with a lot of questions. To some we get instant answers, but to others, they would just tell us that we have to wait for our phase to comprehend.

“That’s not fair”, we retort! For all that mattered to us was the NOW moment. And we never preferred different phases to give us our answers as they said.And as Time passed, we forgot our old inquiries and moved on in life and clubbed more questions.

As for Shakespeare these phases expand over seven stages where he claims that men and women are merely players  in his ‘All the world’s a stage’.

For each phase has a story to spell. A story that might travel beyond your grave. Your loved ones can spell it, when you give them meaningful memories.So to spread the fragrance of your presence even after your spirit departs,gift memories in each phase of your life.






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