Why Compliment?

Great at finding fault. But short in appreciation. Just jotting the nature of humans. A compliment undoubtedly spells positive energy.For not many compliment.Even when there is nothing to lose materially or even gain, most are very stingy in complimenting.

Some nice words like ‘you look great today’, ‘you are hardworking’ or ‘your works are unique’ can impart a sense of glee at least for a moment. When done with a genuine intention, we too benefit as by tools of positive charm.

Every time a person compliments, he is just escalating over his ego for it takes effort to pronounce nice words genuinely.Because an appreciation from one’s heart means a lot to the other.In fact it can even upgrade the level of confidence of the receiver. But the recipient should draw a clear line between flattery and compliment.

Flattering can be easily identified for the intention of the speaker is only to gain a favor, and once the favor is granted, people forget to compliment the recipient.Whimsical human nature.

Sometimes only through compliments do people tend to realize the depth of their abilities whether small or big. For human nature is not stagnant. Thereafter complimenting genuinely, is a healthy practice as it draws an invisible energy to bring a smile on the other.

Research studies shows that compliments have worked its magic at marital relationships, corporate firms, family relationships, friends, colleagues and goes the list.And acknowledging, recognizing and felicitating are synonymous with complimenting. For life is confined to a matter of years and all its glory cannot be remembered beyond the grave. So why hesitate to vocalize a compliment at something that aroused you even if it was only for a second?

This reminds of Mother Teresa’s affirmation that:’There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread’.




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