If only today comes?

As observed through Zadie Smith’s short story The Embassy of Cambodia

Behind schedule.Obsessed about what tomorrow might bring forth.And worried about what went wrong yesterday.And total regret over what happened today.Coupled together we miss out moments of life. As if moments in life span between yesterday to tomorrow.And Today?

Draw a circle over today’s date in a calendar. And take a magic eraser.
Rub off prior dates. Look once again at today. Then rub off the latter dates. What can we see then?
Running a rat race that no one knows for what. Many of us miss out the treasures in life because of our inability to focus on moments that a today brings.
Enjoy the blessings today before it ceases.
This does not mean we are called to live a life confined to eating, drinking sleeping and partying; rather a life of drawing a circle around a pursuit that we want to follow in life. We might think it is silly. But what we invest today will turn out to be assets for tomorrow.
And draw that circle bigger and bigger as we approach the TODAYs.
For we roll our eyes to look for big things. And forget to make the small changes in Today’s that can bring forth a fruitful harvest in the days ahead.
The big wait is over, when we realize it is wise to start with what we have today. The rest will follow. Let the circle be large enough for today so that it equips us better over the things that we fear tomorrow.


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    A thought on the significance of the now moment… Awaiting your valuable feedback…


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