Our life is so blessed with an option OR. Had we not got it, we would have been forced to survive with a single option. For instance,
When OR appears in a Question Paper;

How glad are the students!

When OR appears in a Menu card

How happy are the foodies!

Though these are just glimpses of how different people respond when provided with this option, there is a flip side too;

When OR appears in a married life;

How illegitimate life becomes!

When OR appears among friends

How unequal attitude turns out to be !

When we are blessed with too many options, we may not realize the glory of it, until something uneven happens to let us realize its value.
Enjoy while we have it. For we never know, if we will ever have different options always.

So wearing Gratitude up till the moment can help us cope even if immense options do not seem to pop up.


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