In life we meet many people whom we can categorize into various natures. For different instances of life will reveal which category they need to be sorted into. This sorting is to maintain our peace and not prove our rights and their wrongs. This is done quietly in our mind so that we have right expectations within our relationships. From various circumstances of life we draw that none of us are perfect and none of us are always right. And that teaches us forgiving and letting go are a part of our life on earth.

Though we do not need to idolise people in our life, we can definitely enjoy their company as per the category we have assigned them to. Even if our intimate circle of influences does not cross 5, life can still be great.

Moreover when we categorise people we take into account the human weaknesses and strengths. So that we become satisfied and grateful to God for all their positives.

At times we have to be careful about marking lines about categorising and discriminating. Just because some people does not suit our expectations, we cannot devalue them. For categorising people positively is for our own defence. Quite personal. So that we know whom to share our deepest secrets or whom to run to when adversity strikes.
And to whom that we spell our stories of success as well as whom not to share at all.
For our purpose behind categorising is not to judge anyone but to enwrap ourselves with peace. So that we derive from people what is due and not grumble for what they are not.

And this makes us wonder but, enjoy the fact that God can be approached at all times and that his sovereignty will not let us confine him in any human made categories.


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