First Impression

Media promotes it.The lame follows it. A first Impression. As if we can decode everything with our senses.Unlike as it works well during interviews and presentations, we cannot trust first impressions for a longer time span. Ostentatious are they?

Sometimes they are distractions to move us away from knowing who they really are. For the system of the world has narrowed in such manner that first impressions made matter the most. And does it cultivate genuine and strong relationships?

In a world that sets the glamorous corporeal as the standard for acceptance among fellow beings,we have to choose to not follow always what seems to be delightful for our eyes.Rather we have to scan for virtues that stand the test of time. For real humanity,kindness and love can surpass the bogus claims manifested through first impressions.Those are not just ideal words. They can be cultivated provided we remain genuine even when no one is watching.

So that we can be as we are at all times and not switch masks at different instances of life. For that is true freedom, is it not?


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