Did he snatch away your treasure?








Setting: In the platform of life situated at the vast side of Earth,Universe.

Time:The Present

Scene 1

Pride: I like to pour you after people expire.

Praise:Why so?

Pride: Because they won’t hear then.

Scene 2

Maxim Gorky:”The measure of culture is one’s treatment of women.”

Women: Sir,the world has not changed much; we are still fighting.

Scene 3

Regret:I constitute 90% of mankind’s culture.

Gratitude:I constitute only 10% of mankind’s culture.

Regret: Surprising indeed! You are rich,yet no one possess you.

 Gratitude: When life robs what they value, people learn to use me.

Scene 4

Culture:I am everywhere.

People: We see your different colours through innumerable festivals,languages and more

Culture:That’s just one form of me.

 People:Hmm!then where do we get to see you?

Culture: the true me you mean?


Culture:I have my roots deep down within you.

People: Me?

Culture:I am inherently rich and it depends on your choice to manifest me in my grandiose.

Narrator:In the platform of life, we have a choice to choose characters everyday. And the characters we choose to run our life manifest our culture. As life unravels we understand it is the inherent richness that matters the most.A treasure that is worthy to be protected.




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